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   China plans to establish an international center for sustainable transportation innovation.

   On the night of the 14th, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the United Nations II World Conference on Sustainable Transport through a video link and delivered a keynote speech entitled Staying Connected to the World and in tune with the times, and take great steps on the path of sustainable development.

   Chinese President Xi Jinping explained that transportation is the mainstay of the economy and helps connect the world as a world people. Advocated for a greener system and low-carbon development as well as more imports to support developing regions.

   “We must harness the role of transportation and increase related imports in poor regions so that local economies and people’s lives can improve as a result of better roads. We must enhance north-south and south-south cooperation and strengthen the development of transport infrastructure in least developed countries and landlocked developing countries in an effort to achieve common prosperity. ‘

   Xi Jinping added, “China will continue to promote high-quality joint construction, strengthen infrastructure connectivity with other countries, and accelerate the construction of the Green Silk Road and Digital Silk Road….China will establish an international innovation and knowledge center for China’s sustainable transportation, contributing to the development of global transportation.”