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“A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish”, at LinkingSeas we know this and that is why we offer you our personalized planning service

LinkingSeas schedules involve booking airline tickets, booking national transportation tickets, booking hotels and restaurants, scheduling daily routes.

Accompaniment services are also provided during the full or partial trip. Said companion can perform the role of guide, translator, representative.

This type of planning is essential, especially when making a business trip where you intend to visit suppliers or clients from different cities. If good planning and transportation reservations are not made well in advance, you can lose a lot of time and not achieve the desired objective in the time determined on the trip.

LinkingSeas can help you make all these reservations. In this way you can ensure that you fulfill the objective of your trip in a satisfactory way.

    planificacion de viaje a china

    Why plan your trip well in advance?

    A high percentage of people looking to travel to China start looking for flights months in advance.

    The same happens in the case of hotels, where many of the searches and reservations are made months in advance.

    Planning a trip in advance allows users to search for the best offers in their destinations for flights and hotels that are valid months before their arrival and allows them to save more money to enjoy their vacation period to the fullest or to focus on their visit. business without having to waste time or energy looking for these services at the last minute.

    planificacion viaje a china

    Why is it important to decide in advance the days of your stay?

    There are multiple reasons why it is better to decide the specific length of stay in each destination.

    To plan well in China, knowing the internal routes and the best national transportation is essential, it allows us to reach the next destination in the fastest and most efficient way.

    At LinkingSeas we know the country well and the most appropriate forms of transportation at each time of the year and in each city in the country.

    If we know in advance how much time we want or need to be in a certain place, we can calculate how much time we have to get to that place and the next, and thus define the best way to get there.

    Perhaps on those intermediate trips you can also enjoy something interesting about the country.

    planificacion viaje a china 2

    It is better to first check the promotions for your destination

    Both airlines and hotels usually review and anticipate travel trends, which is why they usually have promotions where users can purchase their flights and hotel nights several months in advance.

    Focusing on direct reservations and avoiding the commissions that intermediaries take has become a priority, especially for trips with different destinations, where there are multiple transports and hotels.

    Make your reservation

    Once all the searches prior to the trip have been carried out, the only thing that remains is to book it and wait for the planned date to be able to enjoy all the activities that the destination offers to visitors.

    Especially after COVID-19, millions of people have faced cancellations or delays in their flights, so to make effective planning in China, at LinkingSeas we recommend that you think about the possibility of taking out good flight insurance.

    Why contact LinkingSeas?

    At LinkingSeas we are specialists in the details that make a trip intense, unique and unforgettable.

    We are not a travel company but we know the country and its culture well, how to get around and where to eat well.

    These aspects of a trip are the most important since they can make a trip meet the expectations we have for it.

    Furthermore, knowing aspects such as security, local customs or how to communicate in a simple way makes a trip much richer and more fun.

    At LinkingSeas we have been in contact with the Chinese world for more than 18 years, we understand well the daily life of Chinese people and their culture.

    We encourage you to contact us to plan your stay in China and make this trip a unique and unforgettable experience in your life!

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