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Documentation management

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Do you have a trusted company that takes care of your documentation in China?

This LinkingSeas service includes all documentation management that must be carried out in China. In this great Asian country, any management is carried out under very different parameters from those used in Spain, USA or other Western countries. Due to this, we offer our experience to verify documents in accordance with current law, as well as to present them to the appropriate department.

The types of management could be company registration, opening an office or branch of companies, management of visas, residence, personal, commercial, notarial, clinical-health documents, legalization of documents or titles, etc.

    pila de documentos
    documentos apilados
    documentos chinos apilados

    This service includes the management of legal documents in the Mandarin Chinese language, communication with government agencies, national institutions and foreign companies, as well as presence and representation in these locations.

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    +86 18717873310


    +86 18717873310

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