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What level of training does your team currently have?

The existence of this LinkingSeas service is based on the need to train your company’s staff to get closer to the culture, get to know the society and become familiar with the Mandarin Chinese language, in order to establish stable and solid business relationships, together with fluid and open communication.

The process of understanding Chinese culture and society will help the staff of your company to understand the way of thinking, reasoning and dealing with various aspects of Chinese society, including business and commercial aspects.

The Mandarin Chinese language familiarization process will help the staff of your company develop easy conversations and presentations, allowing you to get even closer to the Chinese world.

capacitacion de su empresa en china

The meaning of Training

Training your company in China means helping your team develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become more capable and skilled in carrying out their work in this country.

It would involve all those activities that we could carry out in your company whose purpose was to improve the attitude, knowledge, skills and behaviors of your team in different areas of their work.

Training programs can be decisive when it comes to attracting talent and retaining it.

We recommend that you invest in your employees, so they will be up to date in the sector in which your company operates!

What are some of the benefits of receiving training for your company in China?

  • Better and faster adaptation to a new market.
  • Have a more productive team.
  • Obtain highly qualified personnel.
  • Have a team with a greater capacity to adapt in a new environment.
  • By understanding the new culture and society, increased work motivation.
  • Increased feeling of belonging to the company.

How do we create the right training program for your team?

More and more companies are taking advantage of the training offered by LinkingSeas.

Therefore, we encourage your company’s human resources department to contact us to see what is the best way to provide training for your company in China!

This way, before diving headfirst into the Chinese market, you can prepare your staff to better adapt to such a different culture and society.

In addition, your talented workers will be able to make the most of the training received and will perform much better in this new area of ​​their profession.

We invite you to contact LinkingSeas and together develop a training program adapted to the goals you want to achieve!

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Some important points to define could be the following:

  • Identify the needs of the company.
  • Align needs with business objectives in the Chinese market.
  • Choose the workers to whom the training should be directed.
  • Create the most appropriate training program for your situation and goal.
  • Analyze the syllabus, the vocabulary and the area in which to develop it.
  • Decide if it will be online training with an application for video calls or in person.
  • Plan schedules and teachers.

Training plays a primary role in the achievement of tasks and projects, since it is the process through which workers acquire the knowledge, tools, skills and attitudes to interact in the work environment and carry out the work entrusted to them.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us and plan together the training program for your company in China that best suits the needs of your project!

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+86 18717873310

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