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   Riding a bicycle is a very suitable alternative for transport to be more sustainable. With more than 10 million “shared bikes” throughout China, the Chinese are already used to using this kind of environmentally friendly transport, which greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to the green development of the country. 

   “Shared bikes” replace more polluting vehicles, such as cars. In particular, 31% of shared bike users used vehicles that emit high levels of carbon. Since its establishment, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 1,187,000 tons, which is equivalent to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 270,000 private vehicles in one year.

   There is, however, another problem that the manufacturers of these bicycles have faced.

   The most difficult parts to recycle are the polyurethane tires, discovering that it is the same material as the sports fields, they donate them for the construction of these enclosures in remote places such as schools located in mountainous areas. Through donations, the construction of 18 fields has been completed, which have benefited more than 10,000 people.