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   As the sun rises during the hottest hours of the day, the mercury reaches its peak and the cicadas accompany with their song, the scorching weather and the sweet noise mark the advent of the “Maximum Heat Point” or “Dashu” in Chinese, the twelfth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

   “Dashu”, which begins on July 23 this year, will end on August 8.

   As sweltering heat takes over most of China, “Dashu” symbolizes the second phase of “Sanfu” days, the hottest period of the year.

   This is the best time to have a herb jelly dessert,

   What is grass jelly made of?

   Herb gelatin is made by boiling a plant called Chinese mesona together with starch and potassium carbonate (the same alkaline substance used to make alkaline noodles and jianshui zong).

   Herb jelly is mostly tasteless, with a slight bitter hint and the texture of jelly. People often cook their own herb jelly in China, or make it from a powder that also requires cooking.

   It comes in a can, just like the cranberry sauce.

   Simply open the can, use a butter knife to loosen the edges, and remove it. Then, we can cut the gelatin into the shapes or sizes we want. We can add it to tea and many Asian desserts.