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   Brihuega is a beautiful town. Even if it wasn’t for the lavender fields, it’s worth visiting. It has a lovely old town and many balconies and streets have lavender ornaments.

   We can live an exclusive experiences every July in Brihuega, when its fields are stained with an intense purple color caused by the lavender bloom. It is the Spanish Provence, it is a true spectacle of nature that every year causes exceptional and indelible sensations in the visitor.

   The lavender fields of Brihuega, brushed with an intense violet hue, constitute a wonderful and unique image that our retina will never be able to forget.

   The play of peculiar colors that are generated by the mutation of light, together with the breeze in the air that causes an unequaled swaying of the lavender flowers and the intoxicating aroma that completely soaks the air, make traveling through these fields an experience unforgettable emotional and sensory.

   To celebrate and facilitate the knowledge of this great spectacle that nature offers us in the month of July, the Brihuega City Council organizes every year a wide and dense set of cultural, recreational and leisure activities whose objective is to value the enjoyment of the vision of an exclusive and incomparable spectacle, that of the lavender fields in full bloom.

   Brihuega adorns its streets and the violet color invades all its squares and corners. Guided tours of the lavender fields are organized every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

   Likewise, balloon rides are carried out to view the purple “carpets” over the Briocense fields from the sky. The complete program of activities foreseen also includes in this edition the development of the III Contest of “Engalanamiento, Brihuega color lavanda”, for establishments, bars and balconies of the town, as well as the development of different workshops, such as the Introduction to Photography, Beekeeping and Outdoor Watercolor, as well as a manual and artisanal demonstration of the lavender distillation process, talks, children’s theater and even a singular concentration of the mythical Ford Mustang cars, in the María Cristina Park, and a long etcetera make up this wide range of cultural and recreational activities that will surely make a visit to Brihuega a trip to remember.