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   Chinese emigration to Spain,

   The conditions to emigrate to Spain require that the main applicant be over 18 years of age, have no criminal record or the purchase of a property over 500,000 euros.

   These are some of the activities carried out by Chinese people who emigrate to Spain,

  • Opening a business.

   The first group of Chinese emigrants to arrive in Spain was in the 1980s. These entrepreneurs opened shops, restaurants or supermarkets. Many Chinese stores that have survived in Spain have a very long history. This generation of emigrants has had enough time to increase their contacts and economy, and expand their business or change careers.

   The Spanish government encourages the opening of new businesses, thus reducing or exempting some taxes for enterprising emigrants. It is undeniable that the situation for emigrants to start a business in Spain is good since they can get support from the government. It can be said that investors and Spaniards mutually benefit, investors appreciate the potential of the Spanish market economy and Spaniards may have more resources and job benefits.

  • Shopping abroad.

   This is a pretty straightforward job, it’s about turning shopping into work. Using the resources of the national network and the advantages of low prices in Spain, there are products with which you can earn a lot of money without great effort, such as powdered milk and luxury items from big brands.

   Of course, this work cannot be counted as non-salary income when applying for the renewal of the visa, so it is necessary to pay attention to the legality and pay the taxes in accordance with the regulations. In addition, “代购” (purchasing agent) does not require a high level of language and the time is very flexible. You just have to be responsible and trustworthy.

  • Outstanding technical personnel abroad.

   Spain is the seventh destination for Chinese investment in Europe.

   Many large Chinese companies have established branches or offices in Spain, which has led many expatriates to work and live in Spain. Many well-known Chinese multinational fintech companies have a large number of Chinese staff working in Spain, such as Huawei, Lenovo, etc.

  • Language teacher.

   With the relationship between China and the West and the increase in cultural exchange activities, more and more people are learning Chinese in Spain, and now there are more than 40,000 people who are doing it. As a result, the demand for Chinese teachers continues to increase. Not only some colleges and universities similar to the Chinese Confucius Institute, but also some professional educational institutions are in urgent need of teachers.

  • Professionals in the service sector.

   In Spain there are more and more travel agencies, study abroad agencies, real estate agencies and law firms that demand people who master the Chinese language.

   In order to better serve the wealthy Chinese customer, in duty-free stores, luxury stores, outlet stores, etc. Chinese employees tend to be hired who speak Spanish well.

   In which industries are Chinese in western China most involved?

   In Spain, in addition to traditional businesses such as restaurants and ¨todo a hundred ¨ shops, the Chinese in Spain also open Internet companies, fashion chain stores, wholesale lighting stores and investment consulting companies. In addition, many Chinese have already worked in renowned companies such as Telefónica or Spanish International Bank, and the industries that the Chinese develop in Spain have become more and more diversified.

   Recently, a report mentioned that many Chinese choose to open bars in Spain.