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   Starting in August, in Bohu County, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in northwest China, the pepper harvest season started, people gather the harvest and spread it in the desert to dry in the sun.                 The aerial view is spectacular, the desert is covered with red peppers that look like red carpets brought from Persia.
   It is the peak season for harvesting and roasting the crop, which is widely promoted in local efforts to alleviate poverty. According to information from the local government, the economic benefits of this crop for this county are many.
   At present, China is the largest producer of this fruit. Currently, chili peppers are sold to different Chinese cities and are an important ingredient in many dishes, especially the Sichuan 火锅 (hotpot).
   In recent years, Bohu County in Xinjiang has adjusted and optimized the structure of the agricultural industry and developed the idea of ​​“one village, one product.”                                                                                       In addition, it has ordered planting according to the “cooperative + base + family farmers” model, thus encouraging local villagers to increase their income and aim to “get rich”.