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Exhibitions in China 2023 y 2024

Currently, more than two thousand trade events are held in China each year. At LinkingSeas we give you the necessary assistance so that you can attend to them.

We present a complete list of Chinese trade exhibitions during the years 2023 and 2024. You can visit the famous Canton exhibition held every year in Guangzhou (Canton), meet international companies at the SIAL Shanghai trade exhibition, see the newest technologies in Beijing or just find any trade show in small and lesser known cities throughout China. At each trade exhibition you will meet thousands of Chinese companies, from small business companies to large international brands.

 At LinkingSeas we offer you a wide range of services related to exhibitions, from reserving the hotel to attend the exhibition to verifying a company or product of interest to your company.

Exhibitions in China

Exhibitions in Shanghai

Exhibitions in Beijing

Exhibitions in Canton

Practical Tips


In most of the big Chinese cities the traveler can access hotels of relatively cheap prices and of good quality. On dates close to the fairs, hotel prices tend to increase and it can be difficult to find a place with an affordable quality price near the fair.

In these cases it would be good for the traveler to take into account the distances from the hotel to the fair. In case the hotel is further away you should consider taking a taxi, which would increase the cost of the trip. The cost of the taxi ride in relation to European countries is cheap.

*(If you want a detailed planning by LinkingSeas, please click on this text).


Transportation in large Chinese cities is usually quite efficient. In most cases with extensive metro lines, buses and taxis.

There are certain Apps that the traveler could download and in which they can request taxi services. We recommend that you download these applications because it will be much easier to access these types of services, otherwise you could spend a long time on the street waiting for a free taxi.

*(For detailed advice, please contact us).

Internet and Payment methods

A good quality WIFI service is provided in all fairgrounds. The connection is quite stable so each stand can have good speed internet to present their products. It is not usually necessary to use the personal roaming service to use the Internet.
Most transactions, whether it’s riding the subway or paying in a restaurant, paying for a taxi or simply buying a bottle of water, are done through applications called 支付宝 or 微信.
These two applications are essential to be able to buy in China. We recommend that you download them and your life here will be much easier.

*(For detailed advice, please contact us).


Once inside the fair complex you can find different small restaurants or shops where you can eat something simple.
Once the work day is over, in the big Chinese cities you will be able to find a great variety of restaurants where different local flavors are offered.

You can even find restaurants with western food.

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