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   On August 24, China Railway 16th Bureau Group undertook the construction of the Zhang (Zhou) Wu (Ping) Expressway, the main bridge of the Shuyang Super Bridge, it is a difficult project to carry out by the Zhang Company ( Zhou) Wu (Ping) Expressway.

   It is the first bridge of this size to be built outdoors. The Shuyang Super Bridge adopts the two-way four-lane highway standard, designed so that vehicles can travel at 100 kilometers per hour.

   It has a total length of 1074 meters and a main pier 86 meters high.

   On the 22nd of August, the left tunnel of Zhangwu Expressway (Nanjing section), section A1 in Shancheng Township, Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City was completed. This is the first tunnel to be completed for the Zhangwu Expressway (Nanjing section).

   The Zhangwu Expressway Project (Nanjing Section) is a key project in Fujian Province’s “13th Five-Year Plan”, with a total length of 58.65 kilometers and a budget of 5.344 million yuan (828,077.76 USD). The starting point of the project is located in Wuchuan Village, Fengtian City, Nanjing County, which is connected with the Shenhai Dual Line Highway and ends in Qujiang Village, Shuyang City, Nanjing County.

   Connects 20 towns in 5 cities.

   The construction period is three years. It is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic later this year.