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LinkingSeas is a consulting company located in Sanya, China


Our International Consulting in China is the solution to the commercial and language distance between Europe, Latin America, North America and China. Contact Us!

LinkingSeas has been incorporated and is managed by native Spaniards and Americans residing in China. The creators of LinkingSeas have a career in the Chinese language and culture of more than 18 years. We have carried out intensive studies of the Mandarin Chinese language, as well as its culture and history, both in Spain, USA and in China. In addition, during the last years we have resided in different cities in China, which allows us to have a deep understanding of their ancestral culture and current society.

The creation of LinkingSeas is the result of the search for a reliable and professional International Consultancy in China

The creation of LinkingSeas is the result of the search for a solution to the cultural, social and linguistic distance between Europe, Latin America, Norh America and China.

Commercial globalization, as a real phenomenon, makes us strive to pave the way between the markets of Europe, Latin America, North America and China, thus achieving a continuous flow of mutual collaborations.

LinkingSeas Bases and Proposal

The creators have vast experience in LinkingSeas services. We have had the privilege of carrying out work activities in the Chinese world, such as collaborations in international events, involvement in language and culture teaching courses, translations in different professional fields, development of educational and commercial activities, company formation in China, representation of international products in the Chinese market, export trading, and many more.

In view of this, LinkingSeas unfolds a new path to the East, in which cultural, social, and idiomatic distance cease to exist to open the doors to the Asian giant. This will facilitate your work.

It will be as easy as if you were in your own country carrying out any transaction or activity!

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+86 18717873310


+86 18717873310

Jiyang Avenue, 212, Internet Innovation Center, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

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