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LinkingSeas, your Consulting Agency in China


Why contact LinkingSeas, your consulting agency in China?

We are a Consulting Agency in China.

At LinkingSeas we bring together a specialized team of thinkers and entrepreneurs whose greatest dream is to make each customer feel satisfied with our service. We have proven experience in developing an effective strategy and in-depth planning for your specific needs.

We have gained experience in different cities of the country, and currently we have established ourselves in Sanya, a city in southern China.

Our objective is clear-cut: to bring together diverse markets while recognizing the necessity for comprehension and cooperation among the European, Latin American, North American and Chinese sectors.

 Our proposal is simple: to ensure that any business management between these markets is carried out in a rewarding and satisfactory way for all the parties.

Our professionalism and commitment in each project has made our clients trust us for years. The Chinese market has great potential and offers many business opportunities, but to be successful it must be well understood. It is always necessary to develop a commercial strategy suitable for each particular company and each real need.

Send us your project, we are looking forward to studying it thoroughly and making it a reality!

LinkingSeas services, simple yet effective

Each service is special and that is why we commit ourselves in a particular way to each client. We are a newly created company but with a team that has more than 18 years of experience in the Chinese field. Our services are the result of our experience.

Services designed to satisfy your needs.

Thorough planning to help you achieve your goals.

Our personal commitment to each client is our guarantee.

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+86 18717873310


+86 18717873310

Jiyang Avenue, 212, Internet Innovation Center, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

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